[GRASS-dev] Re: [GRASSGUI] New profiling module for wxgrass

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue May 22 23:51:52 EDT 2007


Thanks for testing this. It is not yet done, so this is a good opportunity
to ask about features. In part, this is a test for me to see what is
involved in scripting a graphing application for GRASS using wxPython plot.
If I get this worked out, the tools should be useable for other graphing

On 5/22/07 8:17 PM, "Hamish" <hamish_nospam at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Glad to see another component falling into place.
> PyGui profiling tool wishlists:
> * take y-axis label from new "r.info -u", if present.

Planning to do this once I update from the cvs this week. But...

I'm also allowing the user to set custom profile title and axis labels,
along with font size and face (working on this now). So you can stick with
the default or roll your own.

> * use grey "+" for segment breaks, not red "o"? skip for beginning and
> end points.

I can probably take out the beginning and end if this is desirable. I'm
thinking about offering user selected symbols, colors (and size and fill?)
for the segment markers, and line color and width for the profile. How does
that sound?

> * autoscale x-axis into km etc, when appropriate. See how the Tcl/Tk
> version of the profile tool does this in 6.3 CVS.

Planning to do this when I get the rest of the profile working OK. I like
what you've done and already have a python method that returns g.proj info
on request (including units). I can manually set the vertical and horizontal
ranges (though not the interval AFAICT), but plot seems to do a pretty good
job. What do you think?

> * Is the legend really needed? if so, can you add in a blank space before
> the text? (a little more space around all the text would be nice)

I'm going to make the legend customizable too. On/off and text size. But
maybe we don't need it. There is supposed to be some way to autogenerate
labels for points, but it is not well documented and I haven't tried the
tedious trial and error to see how it works.

I've had no luck giving the axis labels more space. I haven't tried with the
legend yet, but will do so.

> * can the exit button be packed apart on the right hand edge of the window?

Maybe, but I don't know how to do it. Maybe Jachym or Daniel would know.

> * end the plot closer to the max x value? (eg at 18000 in the screenshot)

This is using the auto axis option. It tries to come up with a reasonable
round number. Sometimes the plot is at the end and sometimes it isn't. I can
set the range, if need be.


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