[GRASS-dev] adding files to a previous branch (correctly)

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu May 24 04:29:37 EDT 2007

Markus wrote:
> I wanted to backport the v.dissolve column support to the
> 6.2 release branch, but
> bartok:v.dissolve[3553.44] cvs ci -m"backported col support"
> cvs commit: Examining .
> cvs server: sticky tag `releasebranch_6_2' for file `description.html' is not a branch
> cvs server: sticky tag `releasebranch_6_2' for file `v.dissolve' is not a branch
> cvs [server aborted]: correct above errors first!

ok, fixed.

when I first added that file to the releasebranch_6_2 I actually just
gave it a tag called "releasebranch_6_2". A CVS tag on a file represents
a single point in time, and is attached to the rev. the file was like then.
So you can't move a tag to another point in time (simply) or duplicate it for
multiple versions of the same file at different points in time.

- delete the tag.
- take changes from HEAD and merge them into the current releasebranch repo
- recommit

cvs tag -d releasebranch_6_2 filename
cvs up -r releasebranch_6_2 -j HEAD filename
cvs commit filename

for v.dissolve, replace "-j HEAD" with "-j 1.2" to pick the rev just
before the echo -> g.message changes.


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