[GRASS-dev] [bug #2969] can wxPython GUI handle order of options for v.type and alike?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue May 29 01:35:42 EDT 2007

Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> Hamish wrote:
> > Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> >> Is:
> >>
> >> $ v.type from=point to=centroid; v.type from=line to=boundary;
> >>
> >> as fast as:
> >>
> >> $ v.type type=point,centroid,line,boundary
> >>
> >> ?
> > No. But it's a very quick operation, so twice as long is still not
> > very long.
> ???
> This is a regression. If I was to suggest something I'd suggest
> reverting this change.

two points:

1) this hasn't been enacted anywhere in the (active) code. This is
just proposal/preparation for GRASS 7. v.type in 6.3 still does type=,,,

2) It is a balance of cost vs benefit. To me, clarity and ease of use
is more important than ability to do two things at once. The speed hit
is minimal (I expect you could retype a massive 1 million point LIDAR
map in a second or two); it would mean we would no longer need a wrapper
script to use the module from a GUI; and you no longer have to study the
manual to understand how to use it. (or need a 4 line long option
description explaining it)


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