[GRASS-dev] improvements to --verbose

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 04:04:23 EDT 2007


I've added a new G_verbose_message() fn to libgis, it works the same way
as G_message() but will only print the message if in --verbose mode.

I also added a new -v flag to g.message for the same, and a new option
to control the debug message level.

Finally, module tcl GUI boxes now have a "[] Run quietly" checkbox below
where the "[] Allow overwrite" checkbox goes.

I would like to consider hiding the automatic --v,--verbose flag
descriptions from the --help and auto-gen HTML text. While --quiet now
works in most modules, --verbose only has some effect in ~2% of the
modules. But we spam all modules with the option, and the user never
knows when it will actually do something- which is frustrating and
"crying wolf". I think it's better to not mention it unless it is
useful, and in that case you can manually put it in the description.html
help text.


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