[GRASS-dev] trying to test error trapping for invalid gisdbase, location, and mapset

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 07:52:30 EDT 2007

works fine for me on Debian/Linux.

* edit ~/.grassrc6
* change GISDBASE, LOCATION_NAME, or MAPSET to something which doesn't
* start grass.

$ grass63 -gui
Cleaning up temporary files.....
Starting GRASS ...
ERROR: MAPSET user3 not found

[GUI starts, pick something real, Enter GRASS, ...]

That error comes from G_gisinit() or G_mapset().

with a broken LOCATION_NAME:

$ grass63 -gui
Cleaning up temporary files.....
Starting GRASS ...
access: No such file or directory
ERROR: LOCATION << /home/hamish/grassdata/spearfish601 >> not available

[friendly tcl GUI window pops up saying the location couldn't be found,
try another]

that error is from G_location_path().

with a broken GISDBASE, same
  ERROR: LOCATION << /... >> not available
but now tcl GUI has two nice error popups, drops to parent dir.

Michael: does it work (ie not crash out) for you with "grass63 -text"?

maybe lib/init/lock.c should call
or lib/init/set_data.c should call

as they use G_fatal_error() and things.


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