[GRASS-dev] another make problem (OSX, but could be a general problem)

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Tue Oct 2 04:49:38 EDT 2007

William Kyngesburye wrote:

> Make now ALWAYS recompiles everything.  I'm guessing it has something  
> to do with the recent parallel build/recompile changes.  My last cvs  
> update was a week ago, and it was normal (a few would recompile  
> regardless of the need, but not everything).
> ie, from a distclean and configure:
> make -> all GRASS is compiled
> change a source file or makefile - or not, doesn't matter
> make -> all recompiled

Odd. Apart from the changes required to support parallel builds, I
also made some changes to prevent unnecessary recompilation.

For me, about the only part which is re-compiled is the message

I'll look into it, but it's going to be awkward if I can't reproduce

A couple of questions:

1. Is this with a MacOSX App build? If so, do you get the same
behaviour with a non-App build?

2. Does it help if you change the following in Rules.make from:

$(OBJDIR)/%.o : %.c $(LOCAL_HEADERS) | $(OBJDIR)
		-o $(OBJDIR)/$*.o -c $*.c


$(OBJDIR)/%.o : %.c $(LOCAL_HEADERS)
		-o $(OBJDIR)/$*.o -c $*.c


Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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