[GRASS-dev] present state of GmAnim in gui

Kirk Wythers kwythers at umn.edu
Tue Oct 2 10:55:21 EDT 2007

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my GmAnim problem. Here is  
the latest.

Suspecting that I had other issues in the src, I dumped the source,  
re-downloaded new source from cvs, and ran update -dP.

Then I commented out the regex and added Michael's code:

    # set initial canvas geometry to match region
     if {[catch {set region [exec g.region -ugp]} error]} {
         Gm::errmsg $error

     #regexp {nsres= *([0-9]+)} $region dummy oldres1
     #regexp {ewres= *([0-9]+)} $region dummy oldres2
     #regexp {rows= *([0-9]+)} $region dummy vrows
     #regexp {cols= *([0-9]+)} $region dummy vcols

     set reglist [split $region "\n"]

     foreach line $reglist {
         set line [string trim $line]
         set key [lindex [split $line "="] 0]
         switch $key {
             nsres    {set oldres1 [lindex [split $line "="] 1]}
             ewres   {set oldres2 [lindex [split $line "="] 1]}
             rows    {set vrows [lindex [split $line "="] 1]}
             cols    {set vcols [lindex [split $line "="] 1]}


Presently GmAnim runs (using the same 30s raster from the worldclim  
database). However I do notice that several of the buttons on the  
animation window are broken, including the "exit" button, which gives  
this error:

WARNING: <tmpanimregion541> nothing removed
WARNING: <tmpanimregion541> nothing removed
     while executing
"exec g.remove region=$tmpregion --q"
     (procedure "GmAnim::cmd_exit" line 21)
     invoked from within
     (command bound to event)

As an odd sidenote, the older version of GmAnim (before the animation  
window was updated to have buttons on the top of the window) worked  
fine with:

  regexp {nsres= *([0-9]+)} $region dummy oldres1
  regexp {ewres= *([0-9]+)} $region dummy oldres2
  regexp {rows= *([0-9]+)} $region dummy vrows
  regexp {cols= *([0-9]+)} $region dummy vcols

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