[GRASS-dev] r.cats -> r.category + enhancements

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 7 07:06:01 EDT 2007


if there are no objections I will rename r.cats to be r.category (to match
v.category), leaving a r.cats symlink for backwards compatibility for the
duration of GRASS 6.x.

In addition I mean to move/copy the copy cats from raster= option from
r.support to r.category and add a rules= option to import category labels from
a file.
(r.support raster= is not in 6.2.x so no crime to move it, although if someone
cares we can copy it with a note that it will be removed for GRASS 7; or maybe
r.suppport is a better place for these things, not r.cats? but r.support is
already crowded)

I am unsure if it is better for the import format to match the current r.cats
output format, or to try and follow what r.reclass has. For FP maps we will
have to accept "a thru b<FS>Label" as well as "a<FS>Label" input rules. (<FS>
comes from the fs= option)

Note the category labels can be matched to FP ranges, see the nice writeup in
the GRASS 5.0 programmers' manual section 5.4. (I expect in the 6 prog manual
too but I don't have that on hand right now)

ideas welcome,

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