[GRASS-dev] wingrass: problems with some Makefiles

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Mon Oct 8 16:11:01 EDT 2007


Trying to recompile in windows (mingw), I get the errors in the attached
log, which I never saw before and which seem to be linked to recent
changes in Makefiles. For one, it seems like the mingw make version (GNU
Make version 3.79.1; Built for i686-pc-msys) has some trouble with '|' in
these files, but that is only an uneducated guess. r.terraflow has never
compiled, but it used to be a different error (see

Any ideas ?

configure is launched as follows:

./configure --prefix=c:/grass --with-includes=/c/grasslibs/include
--with-libs=/c/grasslibs/lib --with-cxx --without-jpeg --without-tiff
-with-postgres --with-postgres-libs=/c/Programme/PostgreSQL/8.2/lib
--with-postgres-includes=/c/Programme/PostgreSQL/8.2/include --with-sqlite
--with-sqlite-includes=/c/MinGW/include --with-sqlite-libs=/c/MinGW/lib
--with-opengl=windows --without-fftw --without-x --enable-x11=no
--enable-shared=yes --with-tcltk-includes=/c/tcl/include
--with-tcltk-libs=/c/tcl/bin --with-freetype
--with-freetype-includes=/c/grasslibs/include/freetype2 --with-fftw

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