[GRASS-dev] Looking for GIS maps of Pleistocene glaciers

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue Oct 16 13:02:03 EDT 2007

Thanks to the various people who helped me find bathymetry in order to
create a map of Europe during the Late Pleistocene.

Now for a more difficult question. We¹d like to mask out areas covered by
ice caps for our cost surface analysis and models. I¹ve found various images
of the extent of ice sheets in Europe, but no georectified, reasonably
accurate DEM or vector maps of the ice‹primarily the Baltic ice sheet and
Alpine ice cap. 

Has anyone run across such maps? The best I¹ve found so far are published on
the Quaternary Environment Network site
<http://www.esd.ornl.gov/projects/qen/nerc.html>, but are simply images and
rather coarse ones at that. These are so coarse that I fear that digitizing
and georectifying these would be highly inaccurate and make our results
equally problematic. I know that there has been a lot of mapping of the ice
margins in Europe as well as North America, but can¹t find any GIS data for

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