[GRASS-dev] make on SMP [was: GRASS 6.3.0 release preparation]

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Thu Oct 18 03:38:03 EDT 2007

Soeren Gebbert wrote:
> Looks like the gpde library causes some problems. :/
> I guess this is related to the Makefile. The gpde lib Makefile copies the
> N_pde.h
> header file into the build include directory before compiling:
> include $(MODULE_TOPDIR)/include/Make/Lib.make
> include $(MODULE_TOPDIR)/include/Make/Doxygen.make
> default: headers lib
> headers:
>         for file in ./N_*.h ; do $(INSTALL_DATA) $$file
> $(GISBASE)/include/grass/ ; done
> lib: headers
> #doxygen:
> DOXNAME=gpde
> I don't know why this is not working on a smp machine?
> Are you using NFS?


> Maybe there is a delay while copying the header?

I don't know if that's relevant, but at the same time when
the build takes place, one of the cores is rather loaded by
a shell script, which does lot's of disk r/w operations.
Could this be the cause? (BTW - can I safely "pause" a GRASS
shell script? I'd like to check if it's the culprit but
don't want to terminate it).

> Sorry, i cant help much in this case, my Makefile knowledge is very limited.


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