[GRASS-dev] problems compiling GRASS 6.3 cvs on Mac

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Sat Oct 20 20:24:13 EDT 2007

Hehe, I just had the same minutes ago...  From the link command, I  
see that the libtiff dir is not included:

gcc -L/Users/Shared/src/GRASS/cvs/grass6/dist.i686-apple-darwin8.10.1/ 
lib -arch ppc -arch i386 -arch ppc -arch i386  -L/usr/local/pgsql/ 
lib   -o /Users/Shared/src/GRASS/cvs/grass6/dist.i686-apple- 
darwin8.10.1/bin/r.out.tiff OBJ.i686-apple-darwin8.10.1/r.out.tiff.o   
-lgrass_gis -lgrass_datetime -lz     -ltiff   -lz

I think the recent makefile cleanup may have triggered a problem with  
the r.out.tiff makefile.  It seems that EXTRA_CFLAGS is no longer  
added to link commands (which makes sense).  But the r.out.tiff  
makefile doesn't add the libtiff path to LIBES:


It should probably be (indeed, this fixes it for me):


(And TIFFLIBPATH should be removed from EXTRA_CFLAGS)

On Oct 20, 2007, at 7:00 PM, Michael Barton wrote:

> William,
> I just tried to update and compile GRASS 6.3 on my Mactel MacBook.  
> (I did a make distclean first)
> I had the usual d.m error, but also can't compile r.out.tiff.
> Here is the error:
> cmb-MBP-2:~/grass_dev/grass6/raster/r.out.tiff cmbarton$ make
> gcc -L/Users/cmbarton/grass_dev/grass6/dist.i686-apple-darwin8.10.3/ 
> lib      -o /Users/cmbarton/grass_dev/grass6/dist.i686-apple- 
> darwin8.10.3/bin/r.out.tiff OBJ.i686-apple-darwin8.10.3/ 
> r.out.tiff.o  -lgrass_gis -lgrass_datetime -lz     -ltiff   -lz
> /usr/bin/ld: can't locate file for: -ltiff
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make: *** [/Users/cmbarton/grass_dev/grass6/dist.i686-apple- 
> darwin8.10.3/bin/r.out.tiff] Error 1
> cmb-MBP-2:~/grass_dev/grass6/raster/r.out.tiff cmbarton$
> I had no problem with configure. I'm downloading a new all  
> frameworks to see if I'm missing anything new and then will compile  
> again. (Any chance you could put a date on these in your site so it  
> would be clear which, if any have been updated recently?)
William Kyngesburye <kyngchaos*at*kyngchaos*dot*com>

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