[GRASS-dev] bug in v.surf.bspline?

Roberto Antolín roberto at geomatica.como.polimi.it
Mon Oct 22 14:55:10 EDT 2007

On Mon, 22 Oct 2007, Michael Barton wrote:

> Shouldn't the results be identical if the values used for interpolation are
> identical, regardless of whether they reside in the z-coordinate or an
> attribute?

Yes, the results must be the same, but only if there isn't another bug. 
I'm completly sure about z-coord interpolation cos I use it daily. 
However, since I don't use it with attributes values I don't know if it 
works properly well. It should do so because the interpolation functions 
are the same in both cases.

Obviously it works well to me, otherwise, I wouldn't have done the update 
to cvs. However, till you don't do this last test I can't be sure. That 
was what I wanted to mean, some caution. Sorry if I created some doubts. 
It was no my intention.

> I'll test as soon as I have a chance and let you know.

Thank you very much, Michael. You are helping a lot for the module 


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