[GRASS-dev] v.what.rast speedup

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 22:23:53 EDT 2007


I have run valgrind's callgrind profiler for v.what.rast.

results + screen dumps are here:

to look at it in detail install kcachegrind and graphviz, then just
  kcachegrind <file>

(after un-gzipping the callgrind output files)

I added what I did as an example on the wiki debugging page:

quick summary of results:
  99.5% of the cost was taken by the dbf process, not v.what.rast
  (watching 'top' shows you the same)

  In the dbf process (#15561) about 1/3rd was taken by G_debug(),
  and about 1/2 was taken by G_debug() + G_strcasecmp()


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