[GRASS-dev] r.terraflow license

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 31 04:59:23 EDT 2007

Nicholas Lawrence wrote:
> > One option is for authors to donate their code to a foundation (is
> > there a GRASS foundation or trust?)

Glynn Clements wrote:
> There's OSGeo, but it's rather an unknown quantity at present. Some of
> us would rather wait until it has been "tested".

A bunch of the code has "(c) 2007 The GRASS Development Team". It has
been pointed out in the past that "The GRASS Development Team" does not
legally exist, and so theoretically someone else could register that but
I think we have a very strong claim to it anyway. OSGeo foundation does
legally exist, but as Glynn points out it is still new and unknown to us.

FWIW I have started assigning co-copyright for new stuff I work on to
both the GRASS development team and myself. That way I can reuse the code
however I like, and the GRASS project doesn't have to track me down if
they ever want to relicense the code years from now. I have little idea
about how valid the legality of co-copyright is, but it seems like a good
idea. (the aim is to give both parties full & equal copyrights; not to
require consent from both parties to do anything)


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