[GRASS-dev] Re: [GRASS-SVN] r30420 - grass/trunk/scripts/v.db.renamecol

Ivan Shmakov ivan at theory.asu.ru
Sun Mar 2 13:44:29 EST 2008

>>>>> Hamish  <hamish_b at yahoo.com> writes:


 >>> I darkly remember that some "wc" programs insert odd spaces which
 >>> would break the script.

 >> I haven't heard of it. Maybe you are right. Let's ask on the dev ML.
 >> Thoughts, Anybody?

 > 'wc -c filename' will produce output like: '17 filename' (needing awk
 > or cut) while 'wc -c < filename' or 'cat filename | wc -c' will
 > produce output like: '17'. Maybe that is the dark memory?

--cut: http://opengroup.org/onlinepubs/007908799/xcu/wc.html--
    If no input file operands are specified, no name will be written and
    no blank characters preceding the pathname will be written.
--cut: http://opengroup.org/onlinepubs/007908799/xcu/wc.html--


 > and r30418: v.db.dropcol
 > @@ -91,5 +80,5 @@
 >  exitprocedure()
 >  {
 > - g.message -e 'User break!'
 > + g.message -e "User break!"
 >   cleanup
 >   exit 1

	In general, I'd recommend using single quotes for text strings,
	unless there's a reason to use double ones (such as when one
	needs to substitute a variable within the text.)

 > "!" is a special shell char and must be quoted in 'single quotes'.

 > GRASS> g.message -e "this will not work!, ok?"
 > bash: !,: event not found

	It is not quite so.  One may think of `!' as of a ``Bash special
	char''.  Compare, e. g.:

bash $ echo "hello, world!" 
bash: !": event not found
bash $ 


dash $ echo "hello, world!" 
hello, world!
dash $ 

	Moreover, it's an optional feature even in Bash (check the
	``History expansion'' section in bash(1)):

bash $ set +H 
bash $ echo "hello, world!" 
hello, world!
bash $ 

	and it is /not/ enabled by default when in a non-interactive

bash $ bash -c 'echo "hello, world!"' 
hello, world!
bash $ 

	In particular, this feature never gets enabled by default for
	Shell scripts.

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