[GRASS-dev] Updates to wingrass-extralibs

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 3 06:35:58 EST 2008

Paul Kelly wrote:
> Spurred on by the work that Marco is doing, I've finally got around
> to packaging the new versions of essential libraries for WinGRASS\
> that I compiled a couple of months ago. In case it is helpful to
> anybody, the 13MB file wingrass-extralibs-20080303.tar.gz now at 
> http://www.stjohnspoint.co.uk/grass/ contains the following versions
> of libraries:
> xdr-4.0-mingw32
> proj-4.6.0
> gdal-1.5.0
> fftw-2.1.5 (this was before I realised FFTW 3.x is OK with GRASS)
> tcl-8.5.0
> tk-8.5.0
> I have copies of all the source packages but I don't have the 
> bandwidth/diskspace really to make them available there to download
> as well, so this can't be considered an official binary distribution
> of them. 
> Nevertheless I hope it is useful.

Hi Paul,

why not upload to:

or open a gmail account, then you get 100MB webspace from
pages.google.com. (the last time I tried the max file size you could
serve was 10MB)


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