[GRASS-dev] Re: m.distance / SWIG-Python interface + passingpointers with SWIG [was: d.measure w/ bearing]

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Tue Mar 4 06:50:34 EST 2008

>This means that for the specific issue at hand, i.e. d.measure with 
>bearing, I strongly plead for adding the possibility of giving start / 
>end coordinates as parameters to the module. This would then allow other 
>uses beyond the wxgrass gui such as web apps, shell scripts, etc.

>As I have mentioned before, I am afraid that slowly but surely the 
>wxgrass gui will multiply functionality which is only available via the 
>gui, but should, in my eyes, also be available from the command line. 
>I'm thinking of things like profiling, measuring, etc.


I agree; the ability to use and script modules on the command line is a
key feature that I rely on. GUI lock-in of certain features would really
be frustrating.

~ Eric.

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