[GRASS-dev] Re: m.distance / SWIG-Python interface + passingpointers with SWIG [was: d.measure w/ bearing]

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 5 04:22:31 EST 2008

Michael Barton wrote:
> This is why we should have a non-interactive version of d.measure.  
> We've been slowly getting non-interactive versions of key command  
> modules over the past couple years. A command that returns the  
> distance between two xy coordiates would be useful. As I said  
> earlier, modifying d.measure (or as Hamish has suggested, creating
> a new m.measure) would be desirable.

swig/python/examples/m.distance is written and fully functional.
(maybe a few slight glitches remain, I don't know- test it!)

Porting that to C, with bits from d.measure and r.profile would be a
trivial thing to do if there is demand for that.  r.profile with a
dummy map and disregarding the '*' null data won't work as the res=
must approach 0 before the segment length becomes accurate. I'm not
sure if r.profile uses great circle distances or not, I assume it


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