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marco.pasetti at alice.it marco.pasetti at alice.it
Fri Mar 7 03:43:23 EST 2008

Hi Yann,
you're welcome. Release is very, very close!
Greetings from the sunny, messy old Italy ;-)


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Hey Marco,

Thanks a million to go this way... 
Many Windows people around here in Asia will be really happy to "just click" to install wingrass. It will make the trainings easier for all especially to tell them to give it away to friends...

Windows people get really bugged by this "new" GIS software that does so much for free. i.e. "how come we did not know about it before?" :-)


On 06/03/2008, Marco Pasetti <marco.pasetti at alice.it> wrote: 

	I'm preparing a winGRASS self installer package, but I'm not sure about what
	files include in the package from PostgreSQL and SQLite install;
	Since now I included only libpq.dll (for PostgreSQL) and libsqlite3-0.dll
	(for SQLite); unfortunately I'm not able to use database instructions in
	GRASS, so I cannot know if some files are required or not! While SQLite is a
	very light utility (for all files), PostgreSQL requires lot of space (quite
	30 MB!!!) for a complete inclusion in a GRASS self contained package.
	Can someone help me, please?
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