[GRASS-dev] Re: [GRASS GIS] #58: v.digit relies upon non-portable hacks

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Sun Mar 9 17:37:06 EDT 2008

#58: v.digit relies upon non-portable hacks
  Reporter:  marisn    |       Owner:  martinl       
      Type:  defect    |      Status:  assigned      
  Priority:  critical  |   Milestone:  6.3.0         
 Component:  default   |     Version:  6.3.0 RCs     
Resolution:            |    Keywords:  wxGUI, v.digit
Comment (by kyngchaos):

 I got it to build and run on OSX.  The key is that _gdi_.so is loaded by
 python when wx is imported, so there really is no need to directly link it
 into _grass6_wxvdigit.so.  To get around the missing symbols then, on OSX
 use the "-undefined dynamic_lookup" flag (note: OSX 10.3 and above only),
 instead of the "-lgdi" hack.

 So, replace "-lgdi" with a configured variable in Platform.make.  If there
 is an equivalent dynamic_lookup flag for other platforms, that should be
 used instead of directly linking _gdi_.so.

 See ticket #61 for other notes. (should these tickets be merged?)

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