[GRASS-dev] Re: GUI support for TclTk 8.5

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Sun Mar 9 19:01:58 EDT 2008

On Mar 8, 2008, at 9:06 AM, Michael Barton wrote:

>> For 8.5 it apparently mostly works, if it is just a few little issues
>> which are not so hard to fix, then we should try and solve them.
>> i.e. we should at least look into 8.5 problems, it is probably just  
>> 1-5
>> lines of code to be adjusted, and that's not a huge drain on
>> development resources.
> You are right that fixing issues is probably pretty simple. It's  
> figuring out what to fix that is time consuming. Right now, I'm  
> heavily overcommitted timewise. And on top of that, I'm using my  
> laptop (primary development box) for my GIS class and can't afford  
> to have GRASS broken for more than a couple days. So I have no  
> problem in theory, fixing the GUI for 8.5 if it doesn't involve NVIZ  
> internals or something like that, but won't have time to do much for  
> awhile.
> Michael

Some initial tests for TclTk 8.5.1 on OSX.

10.4/Tiger: the GUI runs and seems to work properly.  NVIZ won't run -  
with Spearfish:

nviz elev=elevation.10m

alloc: invalid block: 0x5202b4: 61 0 0

[2]+ Abort trap

Even just "nviz --help" gives that alloc error.

10.5/Leopard: won't run at all.  There appears to be some problem  
between Leopard's fontconfig/freetype and TclTk 8.5 (TclTk 8.4 works).

Thread 0 Crashed:
0   libfontconfig.1.dylib         	0x004a620a FcConfigAddCache + 149
1   libfontconfig.1.dylib         	0x004a63b8 FcConfigAddDirList + 157
2   libfontconfig.1.dylib         	0x004a6471 FcConfigBuildFonts + 123
3   libfontconfig.1.dylib         	0x004b1dc0 FcInitLoadConfigAndFonts  
+ 45
4   libfontconfig.1.dylib         	0x004b1e0c FcInit + 41
5   libfontconfig.1.dylib         	0x004a650a FcConfigGetCurrent + 30
6   libfontconfig.1.dylib         	0x004a8302  
FcConfigSubstituteWithPat + 25
7   libfontconfig.1.dylib         	0x004a8a07 FcConfigSubstitute + 39
8   libtk8.5.dylib                	0x001c3613 InitFont + 72

(This is 32bit mode.  In 64bit mode it made it into freetype before  

Unfortunately, I think tcltk/X11 on OSX is forced to used the X11  
freetype/fontconfig build, instead of the one I configure for GRASS  
(my freetype framework).

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