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Wed Mar 12 06:56:18 EDT 2008

#93: db.table -p does not list all tables -> deeper problems in PostgreSQL
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 Hi all,

 first of all, I noticed, that `db.tables -p` does not list all tables in
 the database any more - it seems to list all the views, but some of the
 tables not. This is not a matter of access rights, all the tables were
 created succesfully by GRASS itself, and database links from vectors to
 these tables work, and the data is useable, too - the tables just are not
 visible in the printout of db.tables.

 This leads to another problem: it is not possible to create a new database
 link for a vector to a table that is not visible in `db.table -p`,
 althought the table does exist in the database. I did try this many times,
 so I'm quite certain it's not a typo.

 The bug seems to be consistent, though; restarting GRASS and PostgreSQL do
 not change the fact, whether the table is visible or not.
 Also, from the PostgreSQL side, there does not seem to be any differences
 between the tables that are visible and the ones that are not, but the
 problem obviously is not limited to db.tables.

 I'd be happy to provide some more information, if you just point me to
 what might be of interest.

 Harri K.

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