Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at ufg.uni-kiel.de
Thu Mar 13 04:53:36 EDT 2008

> The above point coupled with single precision floating point, and a reliance 
> on the commercial compiler (NVIDIA only)-- might make this entire thread a 
> moot point. 

Maybe at this point, but the developments need to be monitored.
When the first accelerated graphics cards for PCs came up, even the
basic 2D stuff needed chip specific drivers to do anything useful. Now
you have VESA, OpenGL, ...

I don't  think it is reasonable to assume that GPU-based processing will
consolidate and produce generic open source tools at some point in the

> I would like to be proved wrong and see a GPU-accelerated GRASS module though!

You are not alone!

> Cheers,

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