[GRASS-dev] Re: [GRASS GIS] #7: Location wizard: should predefine DB connection for new location

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Thu Mar 13 10:39:53 EDT 2008

 >> Thanks for the pointer. I'll hardcode my database paths for now.

> see the db.connect help page example for DBF (I usually just cut and
> paste that to the command line when needed). It accepts variable
> LOCATION, MAPSET, you don't need to hardcode it. (Be sure to keep the
> path with $VARIABLES in single quotes!)

Should each of $GISDABSE, $LOCATION_NAME, and $MAPSET have populated values
on location startup? These variables always remain blank for each location that 
I try:

~ >echo $GISDBASE


~ >echo $MAPSET

~ >

are these variables only available from the shell if I export `g.gisenv` or eval `g.gisenv`

~ Eric.

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