[GRASS-dev] opening any RS/GIS file in their original format directly in GRASS...

Yann Chemin yann.chemin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 22:38:34 EDT 2008

Hello list,

many first time users get a little bit "estranged" by the scientifically
robust way of starting GRASS by setting up a DB/location/mapset.

While the "create location from georeferenced file" button in TCLTK gui (not
yet in wxpython it seems) is an very nice step,
I would like your ideas about the feasibility of a CLI command similar to
"grass63 rs_image.tif" or "grass63 shapfile.shp" possibly having a
right-click option: "open with... => Grass63" like you can see in many OSes
these days.

The idea would be to create a temporary location (if not already there and
compatible) from this image/GIS_cover data,  import it , load layer(s), and
display it(them).

One more step could be creating a png out of it, with title, arrow, scale
etc... as a thumbnail view of the dataset.
Don't know, the extents and date/time (if any) could be added in a kind of
default location holding footprints of already opened data with standard
grass metadata (r.info) available on click over a given footprint... Of
course with the thumbnail available somehow directly in the footprint as
hyperlink, or as display option (visible/hidden), or just a hyperlink in the
metadata, or if metadata can be reformatted (automatically) to html, then
embed the thumbnail it...

Many people face a large amount of datasets these days, and knowing
where/when/what is each is a challenge.

sorry, started as a simple idea, ended in a kind of cataloging project...

Have a nice day,
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