[GRASS-dev] imagery Makefile changes for MS Windows

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 18 01:16:43 EDT 2008

Re: [GRASS-user] WinGRASS-6.3.0RC5 Self Installer + wxPython-Gui

Helmut Kudrnovsky wrote:

GRASS GIS compilation log
Started compilation: Mon Mar 17 22:33:14 GMT 2008
Errors in:

as i.points et al. will never work without interactive X monitors, how
about the attached patch?

I do not know the correct thing to test for. I saw MINGW in Platform.make
and used that, but would it be better to test if USE_X11 != 1 ?

Presumably the r.li errors could be fixed to work on Windows, like
r.terraflow has, so leave them complaining.

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