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Tue Aug 11 04:43:14 EDT 2009

#498: r.sun2 out of sync / broken svn history
  Reporter:  hamish  |       Owner:  hamish          
      Type:  defect  |      Status:  assigned        
  Priority:  major   |   Milestone:  6.4.0           
 Component:  Raster  |     Version:  svn-develbranch6
Resolution:          |    Keywords:  r.sun           
  Platform:  Linux   |         Cpu:  x86-32          
Comment (by hamish):

 Replying to [comment:7 hamish]:
 > Q2) am I using aspin= correctly? should that be a map
 > created by r.slope.aspect? Using it the processing speeds
 > up by 3x, but the results seem a bit weird -- to the south
 > of the mound is a depression in the light which while possible
 > for reflected light seems that it would be "upstream" &
 > incorrect for beam_rad.
 > defining a slopein= map (from r.slope.aspect result) doesn't
 > change the processing time appreciably. I haven't tested for
 > its effect on the output map yet.

 correction: using aspin=`r.slope.aspect` doesn't speed things up, but
 slope+aspect does. Using slopein= causes differences (missing south west
 butterfly wing), but slope+aspect makes it really bad.

 test script:
 time r.sun -s elevin=gauss day=$DAY beam_rad=rad_test.355.beam.try4
 real    3m1.750s
 user    3m1.327s
 sys     0m0.400s

 time r.sun -s elevin=gauss day=$DAY beam_rad=rad_test.355.beamA.try4  \
 real    3m4.432s
 user    3m4.092s
 sys     0m0.364s

 time r.sun -s elevin=gauss day=$DAY beam_rad=rad_test.355.beamS.try4 \
 real    3m7.865s
 user    3m6.444s
 sys     0m0.612s

 time r.sun -s elevin=gauss day=$DAY beam_rad=rad_test.355.beamAS.try4 \
   aspin=guass.aspect slopein=guass.slope
 real    1m32.279s
 user    1m31.686s
 sys     0m0.240s

 r.contour in=gauss out=gauss_200m_contours step=200

 d.rast "$MAP"
 d.vect gauss_200m_contours color=180:180:180
 echo "$1" | d.text color=black
 eval `r.univar -g $MAP`
 echo "sum: $sum" | d.text color=black at=1,5
 d.legend "$MAP"

 d.mon x1
 d.resize w=640 h=480
 d.split.frame 4
 d.frame uno
 plot_stuff "Std."
 d.frame dos
 plot_stuff "w/Aspect map"
 d.frame tres
 plot_stuff "w/Slope map"
 d.frame cuatro
 plot_stuff "w/Aspect and Slope maps"
 d.frame full_screen
 #d.out.file out=rsun_aspslp format=png

 results in the attached image (rsun_aspslp.png).


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