[GRASS-dev] removal of status messages from the vector cleaning fns

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 19 08:57:45 EDT 2009


I'm a bit frustrated by this change:


"Eliminate non-standard logging mechanism"

basically Vect_break_lines() and friends had its own custom G_percent()
thing going on and that's been removed and not been replaced by

The problem I have with that is those functions can take literally
hours to run and all progress messages have been completely removed
from them. Now there is no idea to tell how long these jobs are going
to take.

I tried adding in 
+       if (G_verbose() > G_verbose_std())
+           G_percent(iline, nlines, 3);

but I'm not sure if it will work / if I put it in the right spot.
so far my jobs been running for about 30 min and it's still sitting
at 0%.   :-/


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