[GRASS-dev] gmath/gpde Patch for grass6.5 and grass7

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 27 19:20:02 EDT 2009

Hamish wrote:
> I added a new lib/external/README.license file to explain
> things.
> AFAICT the SUBMITTING file and RFCs do not require adjustment.

> Ok, i will put ccmath into lib/external together with the
> lgpl.license file and a README.

actually there is nothing about the GPL or the implications
of it in the SUBMITTING file, probably it is a good idea to
add something there after all, with a "be aware that files
in lib/external/ ..." rider.

I don't think technical SVN restrictions are workable, but I'm
open to being proved wrong by a good idea.



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