[GRASS-dev] Fwd: question about gui switching menu item

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 1 00:27:26 EST 2009

Michael wrote:
> I've tested it in wxPython and it works on the Mac.


> I remember some talk about windows not having a command line.

one is available. just not at the same time as the gui.

from the OSGeo4W DOS box shell run "grass64 -text" and you get one
in the same dos box. (but no xmons) Handy for batch jobs or experts.

> But in fact it does have a command line in both TclTk and
> wxPython, even if it does not have a full terminal.

[internal one, see "d.mon not implemented" error window from wxPy seen
in i.class thread when a user tries to follow old-way examples]

> The lack of a terminal, however, means that text and old d.m are not
> available for Windows.

ok, d.m is not available in windows because of no monitors and it uses
xmons. hmm. "d.m" from the command prompt actually does launch it.
(more below)

> It only can run the TclTk gis.m and wxPython GUI's.

(and stand-alone text)

> I'm not sure what will happen in Windows if someone selects text or
> d.m.

If you select text, next time you start grass by double clicking the
desktop icon you get the normal esc-enter screen in the dos box and
text mode.

if you select oldtcltk it opens gis.m and resets the GRASS_GUI setting to
be tcltk. (tcltk is written to be the default fail-over in init.bat)
no -help option either FWTW.

from text mode in a dos box if you type "d.m" at the command line grass
prompt d.m actually loads up. it just gives an error when you try and open
a new monitor for display. from the grass/dos prompt in text mode "g.gui tcltk" or "g.gui wxpython" do nothing.

"python %GISBASE%/etc/wxpython/wxgui.py" from text mode successfully opens
the wxPython GUI.

"gis.m" from the dos prompt gives an error that it doesn't know what to do
with .tcl files -> pick an app dialog. presumably you could associate .tcl
files with wish.exe and then it would open.



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