[GRASS-dev] large vector and indices, speed up db

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 1 02:05:18 EST 2009

Wouter wrote:
> However, in the current implementation of some Grass tools it seems to me
> (correct me if I'm wrong) that there are a few operations where the
> database is certainly the limiting factor. The most notable example is
> renaming a large vector table, which is extremely slow. I noticed that
> PostgreSQL is working very hard. Simply renaming the vector dir and
> perform a rename on the table in the database should be sufficient,
> and adjust the contents of vector/<dataset>/dbln file. This should
> be done in a split second, regardless of the size of the table. Doing
> this manually is much much faster than renaming it using g.rename...

but it is possible for example to copy from DBF into PostreSQL if you
changed the DB backend.

maybe we should add a "fast" rename for 'g.copy vect=a,b' which just
renames the files.

search for old posts by Radim for better reasoning.



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