[GRASS-dev] r.los on windows question

Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at oxfordarch.co.uk
Sun Mar 1 06:52:19 EST 2009

OK. I have replicated the memory allocation changes from r.cva.
It seems to run without bad allocs now. I cannot confirm that
it no longer crashes on Windows. Someone with a Windows GRASS
setup will need to do that.

The patch also contains a fix done by Mark Lake years ago that
never made it back into r.los. It fixes a problem with calculating
cell neighbourhoods in combination with raster masks (see. pts_elim.c).


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> Given the extreme speed improvement of r.viewshed from addons
> I consider fixing r.los a waste of time.

If it is a trivial fix, and right in front of us, we might as well do it.
It is a small cost to have a working & well tested LOS module in 6.4.0,
even if it is horribly slow.



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