sqlite and grass65: was Re: [GRASS-dev] sqlite and grass64

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Fri Mar 6 02:59:41 EST 2009

On 06/03/09 01:24, Moskovitz, Bob wrote:
>>> Concerning the need to be able to easily backup/share, I 
>> think we definitely
>>> need some module which isolates and exports a series of 
>> chosen maps in a new
>>> temporary mapset with a local sqlite db file, copies the 
>> chosen maps into
>>> this temp mapset and then creates a tarball (or zip or 
>> whatever) with the
>>> basic LOCATION info (i.e. a PERMANENT mapset with PROJ and 
>> WIND files) and
>>> the temp mapset. Shouldn't be too hard to wip up, or ?
>> Essentially a v.pack/v.unpack, right?
>> Markus
> What would be really neat is if there was a way to delete, as well as archive a location from the startup screen.

That should actually be much easier. Deleting just implies removing the 
directory from the file system, archiving just needs a call to create a 
tar ball or equivalent. So, essentially a small GUI to call one single 

v.pack/v.unpack would be different in that it should deal with 
individual maps. even though I suggest to include the location info as 
sort of meta-data, but also to give the possibility to v.unpack into a 
new, stand-alone location. Don't know if the last is really necessary, 
though. Just including necessary meta-data concerning the projection 
system should be enough.


> Bob

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