[GRASS-dev] running v.surf.rst from GUI

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Sun Mar 8 01:05:07 EST 2009


On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 3:37 AM, Helena Mitasova <hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu> wrote:
> Markus,
> thanks for getting back to me on this,
> v.surf.rst runs fine from the tcltk gui, it but has several problems in
> wxpython gui
> (this is for today's update of grass65):
> 1. It is really hard to find where to put the  name of the main output
> "elevation"
>  - it is not under tab "outputs" but it is under tab "optional" which has
> several inputs
> that you actually must define if you don't want to end up interpolating
> category
> numbers. The tab optional isn't visible, so you need to click on the arrow
> to get to it.
> I think the elevation should be under outputs

I agree with you that it is hard to find (see screenshot attached).
The reason is that in
the entry
parm.elev->guisection = _("Output_options");
is not defined. But see for related WX bug below...

In the Tcl GUI you get the parameter name shown, too. Would it be
possible to add that to the WX GUI, too? see attached screenshot
for what I mean.

Another suggestion: make the WX tabs consume less horizontal space
to see one more tab in the default width.

> 2. I was unable to change the layer number - it was stuck at 1

I just see that the description says:
    parm.field->description =
        _("Field value. If set to 0, z coordinates are used. (3D vector only)");

will take out "Field" as it is called "layer".

> (this may be problem with my installation or I am not clicking on it the
> right way?, typing it in, deleting it did not work either), so there was no way
> to interpolate the z-coordinate.

I also don't see it. Seems to disappear somewhere. in the
Tcl GUI it's present.
I think that there is a bug for all parameters not having
guisection defined. They should go into the "Optional" tab
but they don't (they disappear apparently).

>I think that the layer number should be under
> input tab (required) - it is in fact required or you will end up
> interpolating cats.

Then we have to make it required in main.c
The wx GUI is generated from what's defined there.

> I would put column name there too, it is required for default layer 1,
> otherwise cats
> are interpolated. I do not find these defaults convenient but this was the
> consensus by others when s.surf.rst was updated to v.surf.rst.

Again, it depends on parm->guisection...

> Otherwise the new GUI is really, really nice - I hope we will be able to
> switch to it for the fall 2009 classes.
> Helena
> P.S. Any chance for changing default layer to 0 at least in grass7,
> to make it possible to run just v.surf.rst mypoints elev=myelev  ?

Why not - in 7 we are allowed to change the defaults.
Just submit the change (please also check the html docs for update).

> Without defining layer, it is set to 1 and category number is interpolated
> by default if column is not defined - particularly unpleasant surprise
> after running a longer computation. Layer number and column name can then be
> under optional. I can make the change in grass7 if there are no objections
> to see whether it will cause any problems.

I don't see problems.

> P.P.S. Any chance for getting winGRASS under Express install in OSGeo4W?
> Our IT did not think the current OSGeo4W design was very good for installing

It will go into Express install in OSGeo4W once we have a successful run
with the new GUI. Currently we are in a deadlock: the actual packager
doesn't want to prepare candidates any more before the final release and
we won't do the final release before a successful candidate...
We do need to find someone who packages winGRASS for OSGeo4W.

> On the other hand, Marco's installer for GRASS6.3 has been a great success
> here.

Yes - unfortunately he doesn't seem to continue. Volunteer needed...

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