[GRASS-dev] empty map window/map rendering doesn't work (wxgui)

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 01:49:35 EDT 2009


2009/3/16 Huidae Cho <grass4u at gmail.com>:
> After investing some time, I found a note in
> swig-1.3.38/Tools/pyname_patch.py saying that they have renamed PySwig*
> to SwigPy* since swig 1.3.37.  wxPython (current stable version)
> still uses old naming, so we have to stick to swig >= 1.3.31 and <=
> 1.3.36.  Now, GUI works great!
> BTW, gui/wxpython/README says that swig is required only for the vector
> digitizer, but I got the error below even at startup OnPaint events.  Am
> I missing something?  Or is swig now required for the entire gui?

swig is needed for compilation of vdigit and nviz extension. Anyway in
devbr6 and trunk is used local copy of PseudoDC (from vdigit) in the
whole wxGUI. In the case that vdigit is not compiled wx.PseudoDC class
is used instead.


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