[GRASS-dev] osgeo4w grass continues to crash with g.proj.exe...

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Wed Mar 18 05:05:41 EDT 2009

On Tue, 17 Mar 2009, G. Allegri wrote:

> I know that the Windows Vista grass users community is not so wide, anyway I
> would like to know if someone is thinking about the problem I posted
> sometime ago and if someone else can reproduce it.
> Whenever I try to create a new Location (in my case from epsg code)
> g.proj.exe crashes and returns the following message:
> "child killed: segmentation violation"
> and Grass returns, obviously, to it's startup situation, waiting for the
> location/mapset selection to open...
> I don't know Windows system so well to debug it by myself. It would enough,
> for now, to know if someone else have faced it.

OK I've eventually got OSGeo4W installed on a Vista machine (no idea if 
it's Vista related though) and tried it and I can reproduce the problem. 
It's not required to attempt to create a new location, simply
g.proj -p epsg=4326
is enough to reproduce the crash.
g.proj -w
prints the projection information in WKT format and *then* crashes. I'm 
guessing the problem is somewhere in the linkage with GDAL/OGR. Perhaps 
even related to the issue of freeing pointers with the correct function 
that was used to create them, that was reported a couple of months ago. 
But I thought we fixed that.

The next step is to compile GRASS from scratch on Vista to see if the 
problem is in GRASS or related to the OSGeo4W packaging. That could take a 
while but it needs done so hopefully it will get done.

Interesting for now would be if someone could test the same commands in an 
OSGeo4W install on a Windows-XP machine.


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