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Hi All,

I have a problem that is only somewhat related to GRASS so I don't want to take up a bunch of time on the mailing list. I was hoping that someone on this list, however, had experience with Ubuntu (any linux really) servers and the FGS environment. I'm trying to set up a webserver that handles spatial data and uses FGS (with KaMap). I'm having some technical difficulties and can't seem to find anything while googling or checking other forums. My email is at the bottom for anyone who feels like helping out so that this issue doesn't interfere with the regular GRASS-related discourse on this mailing list. 

I'm running:
Ubuntu Server 8.04
Compaq DL360 Server

The current problem:
FGS is installed and operating as it's supposed to as far as I can tell, including the Apache2 install. I tried to install KaMap from the MapTools website using fgs install and received a 404 error. I was able, however, to view the webpage in a browser (both a text browser on the server which has no gui environment, and my home Ubuntu laptop) and my ping was successful. I'm having some other problems with scp so can't really get files to the server that way right now - which would make me think it was a problem with my server networking, but I get the same 404 error using wget from my laptop at home when trying to download FGS modules. I am able to download the module by downloading it with Firefox, but again the scp issues are making that a less attractive option (I'd rather not have to go pull the server out of its rack to stick a CD in there with the module on it). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I appologize for sending this out on the GRASS-dev mailing list (just in the hopes that someone on this list has some experience setting up GIS webservers). Thanks,

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