[GRASS-dev] vector library changes

Markus Metz markus.metz.giswork at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 24 07:50:33 EDT 2009

Markus Neteler wrote:
> Some comments:
> It now spends its time in (as you will know).
>  Break boundaries: ...
> and
>  Building areas...
Yes, that's unchanged and behaves as before. Break boundaries can be 
made faster with boundary splitting.
> and then after having created the temporary topology and before
> the final topology (not sure what's doing there, no screen output after
>  Layer: usr_urb
> and the beast is at 100% CPU for a while, then it continues with
> -----------------------------------------------------
> -----------------------------------------------------
> Building topology for vector map <tmp>...
> Registering primitives...
> Here it also spends looot of time - could that be another candidate?
There is some potential for improvement. I could sometime soon put a new 
version of v.in.ogr in trunk that optionally uses boundary splitting, 
which could not only speed up breaking boundaries, but also topology 
building. Independent of that, topology is built by v.in.ogr more often 
than actually needed, also a time killer with large imports.

Markus M

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