[GRASS-dev] Unclean exit in 6.5: pgrep issue

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 8 18:02:26 EST 2009

fwiw, yesterday I committed a chnage to 6.5 (we are only talking about
6.5 btw) which removed the pgrep and added 'ps -a | grep -c $GRASS_WISH'

iiuc on BSD and GNU versions alike you can see what you are running that
way, so fingers crossed. if it fails all it means is that you have to sit
through the extra second or two delay while the gis.m magic does its thing.
(it is not dumb simply trying to `killall wish`, afaiu Maris's tcl magic
registers the PID of the gis.m session upon launch and attempts to cleanly
shut that down on Init.sh exit)



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