[GRASS-dev] Some wxGUI tests on Windows

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Fri Oct 2 04:04:58 EDT 2009

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 8:16 PM, Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Markus wrote:
>> today I had occasion to test on a colleague's computer the
>> latest binary package.
>> Here a list of some issues I came across (tell me which
>> should become a ticket):
> (we need more of this, thanks)

We can do that but we aren't able to compile ourself currently...

>> - Map canvas: zoom to RGB layer finishes in the 0..1 space
>>   (solution might be to zoom to one channel of the RGB
>> set?)
> is this the one fixed by Marin yesterday?

No idea since I have to use the versions from Colin for the time

>> - closing the message window which tells that the digitizer
>> is unavailable kills the entire GUI

... works for you?

>> - r.shaded.relief doesn't show any error but the result is
>> completely NULL.
>>   Perhaps due to the fact that it is a shell script?
>> If so, I would suggest
>>   to add a Windows test and to bail out rather than
>> continue unless it is substituted with the Python version
>> (6.4.1?).

Since all say that r.shaded.relief works it might be a problem
here. also using XP.

> I will try to hijack a PC in the office at lunch to confirm.
> AFAIK all shell scripts just worked. The only problematic
> ones were the wrapper scripts in $GISBASE/etc/gui/scripts/
> which had either (not sure which) PATH, PYTHONPATH, PATHEXT,
> or post-parser-can't-find-it-anymore problems.
>> - i.group does not permit to select a subgroup (apparently
>> the list isn't fetched from the group file). Adding it
>> manually works.

... will open a ticket for this.

>> - i.maxlik seems to be unable to read the signature file:
>> ill-conditioned signatures for all classes. It *seems* to
>> be an issue to read the encoding of the ASCII signature file.
>> Any G_getl() which should be G_getl2()?
> grass65:
> develbranch_6/lib/imagery$ grep G_getl *
> ls_groups.c:    while (G_getl(buf, sizeof(buf), ls)) {
> ls_groups.c:    while (G_getl(buf, sizeof(buf), ls)) {
> points.c:    while (G_getl(buf, sizeof buf, fd)) {
> title.c:        G_getl(title, n, fd);
> develbranch_6/lib/imagery$ grep fgets *
> group.c:    while (fgets(buf, sizeof buf, fd)) {
> so, yes.

attached a diff. Makes sense?

>>   If so, what's the purpose of still keeping G_getl()?
> beware if def'n of buffer size of n or n-1 may differ, and
> if return type is a little different (I think that's mainly
> between fgets() and G_getl2(), but not sure)


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