[GRASS-dev] Some wxGUI tests on Windows

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 3 00:59:51 EDT 2009

Markus Neteler wrote:
> No idea since I have to use the versions from Colin for the
> time being.
> >> - closing the message window which tells that the digitizer
> >> is unavailable kills the entire GUI
> ... works for you?

Yes it does work for me (XP). Selecting the 3D view locks up the desktop
for about 20sec the first time I try it (0% cpu load, not sure what it's
doing, maybe doing a deep search on the disk for the module), but then
shows the pop up error message and goes on its way. Selecting the 
digitizer pops up a feature unavail. message without any problem.

I notice that you don't see the message warning you that that stuff is not
there in the msys xterm window until after you exit the GUI. And then it
suggests that you need a newer version of GRASS to fix it, which is perhaps

> >> - r.shaded.relief doesn't show any error but the result is
> >> completely NULL.

works for me.

> >> - i.group does not permit to select a subgroup (apparently
> >> the list isn't fetched from the group file). Adding it
> >> manually works.
> ... will open a ticket for this.
> >> - i.maxlik seems to be unable to read the signature file:
> >> ill-conditioned signatures for all classes. It *seems* to
> >> be an issue to read the encoding of the ASCII signature file.
> >> Any G_getl() which should be G_getl2()?
> > so, yes.
> attached a diff. Makes sense?

Yes, applied to all branches. (please test) 
I also did all the other G_getl()s in lib/imagery.

IIRC these had been low priority as we can assume that all those files
were written by the imagery library, which only uses fprintf(fp, "\n");.
The flaw in that assumption may come from if the GUIs are writing the
POINTS file etc. directly using some native writel tcl/python command,
or if the user had been going about it by hand in a text editor.
As such I'm not fully convinced this will be the cause + solution to the
problem, but at least will rule something obvious out.
Regardless, now the read is newline independent.

any update on bug #707?



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