[GRASS-dev] OGSF vector feature styling

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 6 04:11:17 EDT 2009

Glynn wrote:
> My view is that, if changes to OGSF break the Tcl/Tk NVIZ,
> so be it. 
> It's not worth expending much effort fixing the Tcl/Tk NVIZ when it's
> due to be eliminated anyhow.

It is likely that the wx replacement will not be worked on until next
summer. In the mean time the tcl/tk version is both functional and useful.
e.g. as a native testbed for the current work on 3D vector modules in
trunk. We are so close to having it in great shape for the 6.4.x stable
series, it would be a shame to abandon the last 5% of that. "Not a focus
of new development" should not mean total abandonment for one of our
flagship modules.

So I would say it is worth a little effort for now; if it gets to the
point of needing a huge diversion of resources, of course put that into
new development instead. ie I'm not arguing that the cost threshold
should be kept heroically high, just that it should be non-zero.

> In other news: i.ortho.photo has been broken since I
> removed the Vask library.

I removed those non-functional and non-upgradable modules a year ago.
Only the near-functional support libs remain, awaiting new wx GUIs.
See trunk/imagery/i.ortho.photo/README. For this I think we would need
to find a developer who is involved in modern photogrametry research
& techniques and was interested in having that functionality in GRASS.



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