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#777: Generate Map and output pixel X/Y co-ordinate
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 This may exist already but I couldnt find anything similar.

 I would like to utilize this product to correctly position the device
 status icons for a monitoring system we are working with, specifically
 Nagios with NagVis.

 I would like to be able to have this software generate a map of, lets say
 Florida to a best fit of maybe 1280x1024 map image size output as a png or
 jpg . Then I would like it to take a delimited list of addresses and
 instead of creating an icon on the map (which is what every example I have
 seen has) I would like it to export a list of the x/y pixel co-ordinates
 for the generated image.

 NagVis works by taking a background image and mapping the dynamic status
 icons to a pixel co-ordinate. I would like to try and have the icons
 mapped in the correct location as close to automatically as I can get. If
 I could get it to export the pixel x/y locations I can create a script to
 make the "mapping" within the NagVis app and minimize user error.


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