[GRASS-dev] d.rast.arrow, d.rast.num

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 11 21:43:08 EDT 2009

Helena wrote:
> Has anybody tried arrows and raster
> numbers from wxGUI (under Add various raster based map layers)?
> I am getting just display filled with green color, no
> arrows, same for the numbers.
> It works in d.mon x0. This is the Mac binary from august.
> I haven't tried it on windows or linux or tcltkgui

You are right, it is broken. With spearfish's aspect map you can see the
grid rotation NULLs at the top/bottom which indicates that the layer is not
respecting the canvas bounds. If you set computation region based on
current display (display gui/zoom dropdown menu) and do a full re-render
the bands go away but it is still all-green. Other weirdness requiring
full re-render happens when jumping between normal raster/grid layers
and the green one.



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