[GRASS-dev] problems with datum parameters tables

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 15 01:22:21 EDT 2009

Michael wrote:
> I've got a start on rebuilding the UTM page to show
> parameters of all projections.

ummmm, could you explain that more? inner UTM terms may be interesting
on the summary page, but beyond that the user just cares about "zone 12
North" + datum choice(s). For UTM the projection will always be TM of
course, and other terms will be fixed based on the zone..

> I've got the usual formatting hangups (currently can't figure out
> how to clear the page if you want to look at another projection),

ie if the back button is pressed?

> but it is moving along.

glad to hear it.
> I agree that we should get this other stuff working and
> then look into state plane.

there is the option to abandon it and tell users to look it up in the
EPSG file instead, but then they have to know what they are looking for
as County names will not be there.

> It may need some kind of enhancement to g.proj.

I think there are enough twists and turns in it that get_stp.c would
have to be rewritten in Python & parse the FIPS.code etc files directly.
Looking at the C code, it doesn't seem so bad.



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