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#323: Consistency in adjectives used for GRASS' "geographic region"
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Comment (by nikos):

 Replying to [comment:1 hamish]:
 > ...but we can focus on explaining well in the documentation about what
 we mean by each version and then being consistent with it.

 I would like to see as less as possible different terms and consistency
 along the documentation.

 > wrt this ticket, the g.region module is concerned with the mapset's
 WINDow file. This is the current working region & resolution settings
 which processing modules will use. This long predates any GUI version.
 > For non-GUI use only this region matters.
 > "Computational region" is used by the GUI to distinguish the above
 region from the display/rendering region in the map display window.
 > Perhaps the GUI should not use the term "region" at all unless it is
 referring to the computational one? Perhaps it should talk about "zoom"

 I am not sure what would be best. However, I want to emphasize that
 "region", being one of the most important elements of GRASS, is a bit
 difficult to understand in the beginning. It's all about clear and
 consistent terms/descriptions (after all, isn't it?).

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