[GRASS-dev] v.krige.py Documentation?

Jeshua Lacock jeshua at OpenOSX.com
Wed Sep 2 07:00:13 EDT 2009


I am attempting to use the v.krige.py extension with RC 5 by testing  
it with 20,000 points that it is trying to allocate 3 gigabytes of  
memory for and failing (which is odd because I have 8 GB on this  
machine and top reports that I have 4.3 GB free). I was able to  
successfully krig 5,000 points.

Ultimately I need to be able to handle around a million points - not  
looking like it will be possible based on my test.

Can anyone tell me what the required memory is based on? Is it based  
on the region, the points, the block size, etc?

Also, I can find very little documentation for it. For instance I am  
not sure what the block size is used for, how is it different than the  
cell size set with g.region?

It looks very interesting if I were able to actually use it.

The only documentation I can find for it is the man page and the wiki  
page neither of which really address any of these questions.

Note that I can only run it from the command line, when I try to start  
the wxpython interface it displays a box for an instant and then quits  
without any error messages.


Jeshua Lacock, Owner
phone: 208.462.4171

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