[GRASS-dev] tcl form in 6.5 working?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 2 10:31:53 EDT 2009


does d.what.vect in an xmon in 6.5svn work for anyone? for me it breaks.

G65:gshhs > d.what.vect -x
gshhs_oz_lowres in gshhs  Line
length 180327.249639
Layer: 1
category: 1
driver: dbf
database: /home/hamish/grassdata/world_ll/gshhs/dbf/
table: gshhs_oz_lowres
key column: cat
cat : 1
type : land
Layer: 2
category: 3
Database connection not definedDone.

but dbf/ is there, as listed above, and in the vector/$MAP/dbln file.

it works ok in 6.4svn...


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