[GRASS-dev] wxGUI Help

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Sep 3 23:12:26 EDT 2009

I am wondering - is anybody updating the wxGUI help
(or plans to do so in near future0?

If not,  I be happy to do that (submit into grass65?)
but it  would definitely need to be reviewed because I am not
a GUI person and I am just learning it - which may a good thing
for the manual development.

Just a few notes -

- can we skip the silk icons? There are too many icons which makes
the help confusing

- It is not clear from the help that e.g. legend is under add  
overlays: text, legend, barscale
- add raster does not seem to be correctly described (old stuff from  

Also, Would it be possible to generate an image or formatted text  
the GUI tree for the raster, vector and other commands - no matter
how logically you organize the commands there will be users with their
own interpretations struggling to find modules. Currently, I recommend
to type the command into Cmd and hit Enter, but one needs to know the  
for that.

Another question: is there an animation tool in wxpython GUI -  
something like xganim?
animation under tcltk works but it is a little bit tricky to use



P.S. I haven't abandoned the color table img issue - hopefully I will
get back to it later on (unless somebody else does it meanwhile).

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